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  TRAINING: Shooting Reconstruction
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Processing and Reconstructing Shooting Crime Scenes



Dates: May 4-8, 2015

Location: Kent Police Training Facility

Cost: $1,000 a student (class size limited to 12)

This five-day (40-hour) course uses classroom training, practical exercises and live shooting demonstrations to teach hands-on crime scene processing techniques to those responsible for documenting and interpreting shooting crime scenes. Participants will receive a CD with background information about the topics presented and are encouraged to bring a camera to record activities presented during the course. This course is highly recommended for anyone who needs to process, document and understand crime scenes that involve the discharge of a firearm.*


*Course enrollment limited to law enforcement individuals only


Training Topics Include:

  •  Hand gun, rifle and shotgun ammunition construction, design and characteristics including specialty ammunition
  •  Basic math review as it applies to trajectory calculations
  •  Techniques for documenting and processing suspected bullet impact sites
  •  Understanding limitations and capabilities in evaluating bullet impacts
  •  Considerations of ricochet and bullet impact through glass, wood, building material
  •  Basic wound ballistics and blood stain evaluation
  •  Measuring, recording and documenting trajectories with rods and lasers
  •  Practical shooting exercises using real case examples
  •  Group presentations, final exam and much more


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